CBRN incidents – Guidelines for emergency responders


King’s College London and Public Health England have just published two crisis communication tools that may be of interest to some members. The first one is designed as public information/education material containing information about CBRN threats, emergency response procedures and response organisations. The second one provides guidance to emergency response professionals about public behaviour, information needs and communication preferences during a CBRN incident.

The tools are the more practical output of the social science research in the context of a 3 1/2 year-EU-FP7-project about “Preparedness and resilience against CBRN terrorist attacks” (http://www.practice-fp7-security.eu/). The tools are based on extensive empirical research, including feedback from members of the public before, during and after a live simulation exercise involving about 300 emergency professionals and public volunteers.

The tools (along with other research reports from Work Package 8 (D8.8-D8.15)) can be downloaded here (http://www.practice-fp7-security.eu/cms,article,4,downloads.html). The direct links are: Public info (http://goo.gl/qdQHYs) and Professional Guidance (http://goo.gl/beiKtU).